CS 134 - Course Description

CS 134 (formerly ICS 168): Computer & Network Security
Instructor: Gene Tsudik

Overview of modern cryptography; security threats and counter measures; secret and public key cryptography; digital signatures and non-repudiation; cryptographic strength; block ciphers and stream ciphers;

Computer and network security; data privacy and data integrity; authentication and identification; freshness and timeliness; hostile traffic analysis; protection from viruses and worms;

This class is intended for upper level undergraduate students. All students must have some basic knowledge of number theory. Understanding of probability concepts is strongly recommended. Highly qualified students may be admitted with permission of instructor.

Prerequisite Courses: ICS 161 and one of (143, 148, 153)

This course introduces basic concepts in cryptography and computer security and discusses both their theoretical foundations and practical applications. Various threats, attacks and countermeasures including cryptosystems, cryptographic protocols and secure systems/networks will be addressed.

The course will cover: brief history of cryptography, encryption (conventional and public key), digital signatures, hash functions, message authentication codes, randomness, unconditional and computational security, zero-knowledge protocols, secure e-commerce, group communication security, anonymity, key escrow. A few popular security mechanisms (e.g., Secure IP, SSL, PGP) will also be discussed.

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